A Twitter follower recently tweeted me asking the following question: What’s the protocol for untagging and/or taking down old facebook pics with exes when dating someone new?

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  • 24 seconds: This is a big issue in today’s world of dating. Why?
  • 1:00: I can see why it might be hurtful to some people to see picture’s of your ex still up; it’s the 21st century equivalent of the old card in a shoebox in your closet. Tune in to hear why people see this as a threat.
  • 1:25: But what’s really going on when people still have pictures up or old mementos in a shoebox?
  • 1:50: There is no scientific answer to your question, so here’s what you can do…
  • 2:54: That all being said, tune in to hear when I think it doesn’t make sense to start untagging/deleting.
  • 3:06: Like with most things in relationships, you should always consider doing this…

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