Irene leaves record flooding in her wake

Irene leaves record flooding in her wake 0

STATE COLLEGE, PA — — Although Irene is now history, she won’t be forgotten in the minds of millions of Easterners who dealt with her wrath this past weekend. At least 21 deaths have been attributed to Irene, which is now barreling across southeastern Canada as a post-tropical storm. Wind gusts above 100 mph, rainfall totals north(…)

Irene caused damage, but not as extensive as many feared 0

Hurricane Irene lessened into a tropical storm before pounding the northeast,  but nevertheless caused considerable damage and power outages across the region. More than 500,000 people were left without power in Massachusetts and trees are down all over the state. At least 21 people died from the storm, however no deaths or injuries were reported(…)

Hurricane Irene still wreaking havoc 0

Hurricane Irene is going down as one of the most destructive storms to hit the East Coast in decades, according to Accu Weather, and is still going strong up the East Coast. “Irene remains on a path that will take the hurricane along the mid-Atlantic coastline tonight and very close to the New York City(…)

Warren Buffet invests $5 billion into Bank of America 0

Warren Buffett boosted stock prices and confidence when he invested $5 billion in Bank of America. The bank’s stock shares jumped more than 9 percent to $7.65 on Thursday after soaring 25 percent in early trading.  This was a change from the usual grim drop in the stock, which is still down 43 percent for(…)

Actor found dead in the Mississippi River 0

Michael Showers, who played a recurring role on the television show, “Treme,” as a police captain, was found dead in the Mississippi River.  He was 45. The actor was found floating in the river on Wednesday, and his autopsy confirmed that he died from drowning, according to  There were no signs of trauma, but(…)

Madden NFL 12 review

Madden NFL 12 review 0

It’s that time of year again. Is this year’s Madden worth another purchase?