Harmonix, makers of the famed Rock Band series, are primed and ready to unleash Green Day: Rock Band, their second band-specific game, following The Beatles: Rock Band of last year, in just a few weeks on June 8. However, if some is good, more seems to be better as the game-maker has posted a survey today in hopes of gauging interest in the next big thing.

The survey is short and sweet; only two questions long.

The first asks, “would you be likely to buy a dedicated Rock band video game by ANY of the following artists, knowing the game would contain music ONLY by the specific artist?

The options are:

Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Queen, U2 and Led Zeppelin.

The next question asks, “which artist would you like like to see in a dedicated Rock Band video game,” where you can select up to three of the above options.

It might happen

Actually, there are three questions. The third asks you for a write-in vote, which you can answer with anything you’d like.

Of course, Harmonix issued a disclaimer, to hopefully nullify the wild rumors that are likely to immediately spread.

“In the interest of immediately addressing suspicion and heading rumors off before they start, this poll is not an indication, implication, hint, suggestion, guarantee or promise that Harmonix is going make games based on any or all of the bands listed in this poll. We know how excited Rock Band super fans get about uncovering the next big thing, so we wanted to clear that up right from the start,” reads the statement.

Well now, it looks like this little thing we call the music-game genre is in fact going nowhere, instead growing and growing. Just imagine; a Led Zeppelin: Rock Band, that’d sell millions and millions you’d have to think.

Take the survey here.

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