7 of 10Kensington’s USB display solution is a very simple product that does something very complicated.

The device allows computers with single-display video cards to add a second monitor using only an available USB port.

The adapter is just a box with a USB port and a digital video port and supports widescreen 1440 x 1050 and up to 1280 1040 standard.

The device works, but there are some troubles. Installation in Vista takes forever. I was not impressed with the DisplayLink driver that the adapter installs. The driver changed settings and modes on my primary display. That makes me nervous, especially as a gamer. I don’t want some unpluggable peripheral making changes. Uninstallation also takes forever.

When you do get it up and running, the Dual Monitor Adapter really is a versatile solution, especially for business users. Kensington allows you to stack up to six units if you want to keep going with your displays. I just think there are some question marks – Kensington says it’s plug and play, and that may be the case in XP, but not in Vista or Mac, which still relies on “beta” drivers from DisplayLink.

Take a good hard look before you buy. If you have a laptop, this might be a good solution. If you have a brand new desktop, there’s a good chance your video card already supports two monitors.

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