Twilight fans, it is only three days and 11 hours until the long awaited release of “Twilight.” To keep you on your toes, Blast has a special issue for this last week to help sate your “Twilight” needs.

Today we post our interview with Robert Pattinson from the Saugus Hot Topic event.

A review of “Twilight” by myself will be up Wednesday, November 19. Kellen Rice, one of Blast’s bloggers and a critic of the “Twilight” series, will have her own review up later in the week.

Expect a “Top 10 Things the Movie Did Right” and “Top 10 Things the Movie Did Wrong” on Friday, as to avoid spoiling the movie for anyone.

Until then, enjoy our video from the Saugus event with clips of Robert Pattinson himself.

About The Author

Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.