Blast has not heard reports of any of the other Twilight character events going as wildly insane as Pattinson’s. His response to questions about whether he had talked to his fellow cast members since the tour began: “I haven’t actually. Do you how they’re [events are] going?”

A couple minutes after 6 p.m., the fans started to trickle out of the store with awe-struck faces and trembling hands.

“I went up there and he was so nice. He actually asked me like how everything has been and whether I was okay, and I was just like so speechless. I was just like, “ËœI love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in the movie! I can’t wait to see you in all of your movies!'” said Pease, who admitted that she had not known Pattinson had acted in any other movie other than “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

Pease’s boyfriend, Bill Brauneis, 21, of Attleboro was a bit more conservative with his enthusiasm about seeing Pattinson.

“It was great. I was looking forward to meeting him,” he said.

The fan reactions were noted, even by the authorities that were there for security.

“They all came out like zombies, like they’d been bit by a vampire,” said Saugus fire Lieutenant Eric Hansen.

Television crews swarmed on girl after girl who came out sobbing hysterically in the aftermath of meeting Pattinson. A couple kind words from the actor were translated into confessions of attraction and admissions of love.

One girl walked up to her group of friends after exiting the Hot Topic with a giddy smile on her face, whispered “I told him I loved him,” and burst into a bout of giggles.

“He’s cuter in person,” another girl proclaimed to the next batch of fans waiting to be admitted into the Hot Topic.

Pattinson said that when he was first cast into the role of Edward, he did not realize how big the “Twilight” phenomenon truly was.

“If I was doing [the movie] now, knowing it was going to be this audience, I think I probably would have done it differently,” said Pattinson. “But I think, at the end of the day, it’s a good thing I went into it thinking [“ËœTwilight’] is a small thing because it essentially is. It’s a small story; it’s an intimate story, and I think it comes across as being very human rather than being a big epic thing.”

There is a lot of pressure on the actors and creators of the film adaptation of “Twilight” to get everything perfectly right for the fans who will scrutinize every detail of the film to see how it compares to the novel.

Most fans said that they liked all the clips of the film they had seen thus far, but 25-year-old Sarah Kontos of Worcester said that the raciness of the Bella and Edward make-out scene, shown in Summit’s final “Twilight” trailer, gave her pause.

“In the book, she wears like ratty old pajama pants with holes in them, and she’s not like “sexy,” so it was weird to see that in one of the trailers,” said Kontos. “I kind of was mad. That would give people who didn’t read the book a totally wrong impression of that part.”

Director Catherine Hardwicke has said in interviews that Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” series, asked her to tone down the make-out scene that was originally shot because she would have “nothing to work with” in the later adaptations of the novel.

As the crowds waiting for their signed posters thinned out, the police presence in front of the Hot Topic grew from three to 12 officers. Echoes of “Robert! Robert!” could be heard throughout the mall as the clock struck 7:30 p.m. and the fans gathered around the stage shouted impatiently for the culmination of their long wait. Though Pattinson was escorted through back passageways to get to the stage, a large crowd of fans who were not among the lucky 500 to meet Pattinson gathered around the entrance to the Hot Topic on the off chance that he would pass by them.

As soon as Pattinson appeared on the stage for the question and answer session, the chatter turned to a unified shrieking scream that thundered around the interior of the mall.

Lieutenant Hansen had to plug his fingers in his ears to dull out the ear-piercing sound of what is sure to be the high point in some of the fans’ teenage lives.

The questions were submitted by fans earlier in the day and were handpicked by Pattinson.

Pattinson may not be known universally, like Brad Pitt or Michael Jackson, but the obsession that surrounds him by his dedicated fan base is enough to counter the indifference of the general public. If “Twilight” is a success when it is released on Friday, the name Pattinson will be sure to mean something.

Though his initial popularity is based on his role in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” and now Edward Cullen in “Twilight,” Pattinson has directed his focus toward indie films. His next major role is in the drama “How To Be.”

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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. Kaitlyn

    He already filmed “How To Be” and “Little Ashes” supposedly he will be filming a movie titled “Parts Per Billion” next.

    I like that he is going back to doing Indie Films…. those are the films with the real raw and organic story lines… Not many people continue with Indie once they’ve had the break through that Rob has experienced… says a lot about him 🙂

  2. Jess Swan

    OMG!! I’m crying !! I can not belaive it, this isn’t real!!!!! He’s so gorgeous.. breath! I’m speechless i just know i want to marry him he’s perfect he’s my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh love RPattz forver hes woooow

  3. MrsSpunkRansom513

    Very nice, accurate interview. Rob is an amazing actor as well as musician and I fully appreciated you featuring him. He just happens to be the hottest person on the planet as well.

  4. Jen-In-TN

    Rob Pattinson is most llikely the MOST LOVED male in the world right now!! Of course, I’m crazy about him in too, okay IN LOVE. He is GORGEOUS & seems to be such a normal down to earth guy. Which makes him even greater. His singing leaves all hot & …well you know. His voice is hypnotic and beautiful. I just wish the radios and MTV & VH1 would start playing “never think” or “Let me sign”. How do get a copy of “Let me sign” anyway? It’s not on the soundtrack. I just can’t seem to get enough info or see enough pictures of him. I love his live TV interviews. He is so funny. Hope he always stays real!!!

  5. Emily

    I think it’s really dumb how she’s like, “Bella’s not supposed to be sexy”. Obviously she is, because all the guys at Forks school were lustin’ after her! The only reason we are left with the impression that Bella isn’t sexy is because she’s too modest to admit it.

    But back to Pattinson…. I want his laugh. So bad. And I love his combo of humble modesty, sweetness, and sexiness. It’s a winner every time.

  6. shimaris eason A.K.A Mrs.Robert Pattinson

    i love him, he is such an amazing actress and im not going to go crazy over him like all those other fans do………… no im lying yes i am i love him so much he is such an amazing down to earth person he does not let the money or the crazed fans change who is and thats what i think counts most that he stays true to who he really is and does not let hollywood change who is……………… oh yeah and he is sooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy i love you Robert Pattinson

  7. Sabrina

    I LOVE robert he is the cutest, hottest ,actor to ever live! im going to marry him and OMG i gust LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I didnt get to go to the mall but i knew i should have and now………………………………… I dont know im just soooooooooooooooooooooooo mad and i think he is soooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!! WHO WOULDNT LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  8. briana

    Robert pattinson is just a normal guy like everyone else sure he has good looks and hes a good actor but hes still normal and down to earth

    Dont get me wrong im a huge twilight fan and yea i wish edward really did exist but he doesnt

    i bet that if robert read these comments he would start to get pretty annoyed of all these ramdom girls saying that they want to marry him and love him when they have never really met him, just seen a charracter that he played and mabe a few interviews but thats it

  9. Danielle

    Hey i would like to get to know you an love to have a convo so logged on to my addie, i am one of your biggest fan and love u in harry potter and twilight . much love

  10. Miaesha

    Personly…I think briana is right but he is so cute and i think that he is a good actor.I would see that every girl would want him because he is fine…lol…but any ways i would like to meet him in person and get his autogragh one day and run into him somewhere!

  11. Bella

    I missed him! How could I be so stupid as to miss this?
    I am probably the most obsessed with twilight person in all of south east Massachusetts, and I missed him! I could sit and stare at a wall all day if it meant hearing his voice close to my ears the next. No doubt, that I of all 14 year old girls, can just research more itresting facts on Robert Pattinson. He’s 6″1′, 22 (turning 23 on May 13), he was born in London, England, where else did he get his beautiful accent from? I mean I could go on and on and on. I love, with every piece of my heart, a man I never even met!

  12. vane

    lo esperamos pronto en argentina que se acuerde aqui tambien lo amamos besos para el

  13. camila

    yooo tengo que admitir que adore el libro y la peli tb! y creo que lo que esta ocurriendo es una obsecion colectiva en todas nosotras!! pq? bueno primero pq la escritora logro personificar tan bien la perfeccion de un hombre que es imposible que alguna no lo adore o suspire mientras lee lo que pasa, luego al ver la pelicula y ver que esta en carne y hueso el inconciente reconoce que “existe” de alguna manera pero el conciente sabe que no es asi, entonces uno entra enun dilema en done le encantariaaaaaaaa que fuera realidad pero la verdad es que no lo es, y por eso aveces algunas dicen q sienten pena y otras cosas y esto tb nos lleva a que no encante el actor robert pattinson pq de alguna u otra manera es lo mas cercano que hay a la “realidad” de que existiera edward, aunqqq no se conpara con el personaje de la autora del librooo! pero algo es aslgooo =P

    esoooo es lo q creoooo! =)

  14. camila

    yooo ame la peli y ellibro mas aun! y creo que todass o la mayoria estamos callendo en un aobsecion colectiva! pq? buenoo primero que todoo la autora logro personificar de tal manera la perfeccion de un hombre y ademas de un amor que nadie puede decir que no suspiro mientras leia el libroo o sintio cosas en el estomago de lo romantico que era todo,luego al ver la pelicula nuestro inconciente cree en alguma medida que “existe” aunque el conciente sabe que no es asi entonces se vuelve un dilema internooo! , por esoo aveces hay algunas que dicen que sienten tristeza de que edward no sea real, y por esooo tb se adora de cierto modo a robert ya que en cierta medida es lo mas concreto a la realidad que hay con respecto al personaje! por mucho que no llegue a los talones al descrito por la utoraa en el libro.

  15. Margot

    J’ai 13 ans et je m’appelle margot
    J’aime trop Robert je suis sa plus grande fan
    je suis malheureuse et amoureuse
    on peut-etre dix ans de difference
    et je suis peut-etre française et lui americain
    mais je n’ais qu’un seul desir c’est qu’il soit la à mon dernier soupir

  16. jenny

    I love you. You are so fascinating. I have seen the Twilight for many times, but still not enough. I will support you forever.


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