While it’s not nearly as bad as some of Britney Spears’ candid photos, or Paris Hilton’s commercially available sex tape, or Vanessa Hudgens’ naked drama, and thankfully the 15-year-old pop princess does not appear on this list, but Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana may have had some pretty spicy photos show up online.

JustJared.com represents the photos to be accurate, leaked photos from the singer’s MySpace account.

BLAST could not independently verify the photos, but AOL News also reported the story.

The photos are a mixture of “beachy” bathing suit pics and lip-puckered underwear poses. There are also a number of other unidentified girls in the photos.

While suggestive, the photos are not explicit of pornographic, and don’t seem to be any worse than what most teenage and 20-something girls and women have on their MySpace profiles.

This could always, of course, just be a publicity stunt to draw attention to the growing superstar. Maybe she’s showing she can be one of the naughty girls too?

But, if the pictures are real, it’s more than likely just a bunch of random pics of Miley, who is, after all, a teenager.

You be the judge.

Editor’s note: BLAST has decided to take down any photos containing the other, unidentified girls.

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