Anthony Gallo TR-3Anthony Gallo REFERENCE 5LS I have been interested in Anthony Gallo products since before my review of the A’Diva Ti system a few months back. If you happen to be in Las Vegas next week, you might want to try to get near room 29-336 at The Venetian. That’s where Gallo will unveil the TR-3 subwoofer and the unbelievable Reference 5LS, (left) which stands 78″ and will house seven tweeters and 12 subwoofers, which — trust me — you can’t afford.

They will also unveil their new powered subwoofer, the TR-3, (above) which features 300 watts RMS in a cylindrical containment.

“The Reference 5LS is really the ‘big brother’ of our award-winning Reference 3.1,” said Derek Covin, vice president of national sales for Anthony Gallo Acoustics. “While it’s not completely omni-directional, it is the closest any line source has ever come to being omni-directional. This loudspeaker is the culmination of more than 25 years of loudspeaker design research.”

Many line sources horizontally offset their various drivers, but AGA alternates tweeter cylinders with mid-range spheres — vertically one atop the other – in perfect time alignment, AGA said in a statement Thursday. The result means that the phase and dispersion anomalies caused by the horizontal driver offsets are entirely eliminated.

The 5LS can be bi- or tri-wired/amped and can handle high power amps as well as high-quality low power sources.

On the deep end, the TR-3 builds off its brother, the TR-2. It offers clear yet powerful lows from 22Hz to 180Hz. Gallo says the new sub is available in black and silver, weighs 36 lb. and is 10.75" W x 12" H x 13.5" D.

“The TR-2 is a great subwoofer and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on that product,” said Covin. “The new TR-3 blends incredibly well with the satellites and creates a big, enveloping sound that allows you to get completely lost in your television and movies. This new sub is certainly not for the faint of heart.”

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